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Providing America's Best PBX/Telephone Systems!

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Providing America's Best PBX/Telephone Systems!

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PBX/Phone Systems:



The goal of Telephone Man of America is to provide competitive pricing for Avaya Phone Systems.  See my specialty pages - see following links Avaya IP Office 500 and Avaya Partner ACS. I have made the specialty pages to provide the documentation and tools for you to Administer and program the phone systems if you so desire.  If you want assistance we also provide over the phone support and Nation-Wide technician dispatching.

Need help? Call 863-614-1900.


Programming and Support:

We offer phone support at $120.00 per 60 minutes with a 60 minute minimum billed in 60 minute increments of $120.00 after that.

We can also have a local technician come out (Anywhere in the country) at $145.00/hr with a $75.00 visit trip ($220.00 for the first hour billed in 1 hour increments of $145.00 after that).  If wiring is needed in a standard office environment with drywall and drop ceilings and within 120’ of the processor they are $95.00 each – individual wire runs are needed from the phone system processor to each individual phone for a phone system.


After 5 P.M. technician rates become time and a half rates of $217.50/hr with a $75.00 visit trip ($292.50 for the first hour billed in 1 hour increments of $217.50 after that).

For New System Installs - Install estimates are based off of 30 minutes per phone and if a system voice mail solution is involved 45 minutes per extension not to exceed 3 hours over that estimate.  Trouble shooting is not included in the estimate and if applicable is billed separately.  You will be billed for actual time and material.  

A $75.00 visit trip may apply after periods of 8 hours and up to the discretion of Telephone Man of America LLC whether or not to apply any additional visit trip fees.


Support fees are subject to Technician availability and Phone Support and System Type and are subject to change at the discretion of Telephone Man of America LLC


Brochures Etc.:

Telephone Man of America understands the frustration that can arise from not having the right manuals and tools to be able to administer, program and perform moves, adds and changes on your PBX/Phone system.  With that in mind it is our goal to provide the manuals and tools necessary for the end user to be able to be independent on programming and being able to do moves adds and changes etc.  For more information on manuals and brochures see our Brochures Etc tab at the top of the page.


If you need anything that is not posted mentioned on my web pages please contact me for pricing at 863-614-1900 or E-MAIL ME 

I will always do my best to match or beat any competitors bid!   

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